3-Year-Old Geldings

Entended and RJ Shepard win the world championship in 3-year-old geldings.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Winner Stats

Horse Name: Entended

Pedigree: 2014 sorrel gelding (My Intention-Top Down Mazeratti by Mazeratti)

Breeder: Scott Trahan of Dallas

Owner: R.J. Shepard III of Harrington, Delaware

Exhibitor: R.J. Shepard

Total Class Entries: 3

World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Montana Silversmiths buckle, Neck wreath, Gold medallion, Specially designed logo jacket, sponsored by Cripple Creek, World champion patch, Five-Star Saddle Pad or SmartPak halter

Reserve World Champion: Initially A Cool Kid and Colton Smith of Bellefontaine, Ohio

Level 3 13-&-Under Awards

First: Colton Smith, showing Initially A Cool Kid