Working Cow Horse

CD Dee Vee Dee and Cutter McLaughlin pick up their third consecutive working cow horse world championship.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Winner Stats

Horse Name: CD Dee Vee Dee

Pedigree: 2005 sorrel gelding (CD Lights-Shiners Missy jay by Shining Spark)

Breeder: AQHA Professional Horsewoman Carol Rose of Gainesville, Texas

Owner: Jay or Wendy McLaughlin of Commerce, Texas

Exhibitor: Cutter McLaughlin of Commerce, Texas

Total Class Entries: 48

World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Montana Silversmiths buckle, Neck wreath, Gold medallion, Specially designed logo jacket, sponsored by Cripple Creek, World champion patch, Five-Star Saddle Pad or SmartPak halter

Reserve World Champion: Ill Be Tuckered and Skylar Smith of Ridgway, Colorado

Third Place: Soulanova and Lannie Jo Lisac of Pueblo, Colorado


Level 2 Champions

Level 2 Champion: Im No Wimp and Luke Paulus of Coal Grove, Ohio

Level 2 Reserve Champion: Wild Card Jackson and Gracelyn Jacobs of Montgomery, Texas

Third Place: Ill Be Tuckered and Skylar Smith of Ridgway, Colorado

Level 3 13-&-Under Awards

First: Lannie Jo Lisac, riding Soulanova

Second: Tylor Todd of Rexford, Kansas, riding Above Da Best Tenino

Third: Emily Ann Kent of Manilla, Indiana, Vintage Tejonshine