Stallion Owner

Owning a successful stallion is an investment in both time and money. Be sure you have done all the legwork to ensure his foals are eligible for registration.

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  • All stallions must be DNA typed. 
  • All stallions must be genetic health panel tested. Please visit Genetic Health for more information on genetic defects.
  • A stallion breeding report must be filed by November 30th of the breeding year listing all AQHA mares and the dates they were bred.
  • If frozen or transported semen is used it should be indicated on the report.
  • If semen is frozen and stored, a permit should be purchased to protect your investment in your stallion. 
  • The stallion owner must sign the breeder’s certificate on the application in box 7 or release it online.
    stallion owner signature on registration application
  • For stallions born 2015 and after, his semen may only be used for two calendar years following his death or gelding to produce a foal eligible for registration per REG111.6.

There are a variety of ways to breed your stallion to a mare. Please explore the breeding tool to learn the requirements your mare owners may need to meet to register their foals.