Team Wrangler

Team Wrangler is a collection of 23 AQHA Professional Horsemen who promote educational outreach for the horse industry.

Meet the 2016 - 2017 AQHA Team Wrangler team:

2016 AQHA Team Wrangler

Pictured Above (From left to right):

Back Row, : Todd Crawford ; Chad Evans; Tommy Buckner; Josh Little; Jody Raimer ; CR Bradley; Marty Simper; Ryan Cottingim; 

Front Row : Kristy McCann; Becky Meadows;  Dolly Chayer; Teresa Kackert; Jessica Johnson; Virginia Beaton; Teddy Johnson; JD Yates; GR Carter; Adam Wainscott

Not Pictured: Jeffery Pait; Donnie Recchiuti; Dan Trein; Denny Hassett; Rob Meneely ; Brent Maxwell

As a joint effort between Wrangler and AQHA, Team Wrangler promotes educational outreach for the horse industry. And the 2016 - 2017 team is as versatile as the American Quarter Horse, comprising top AQHA Professional Horsemen and - women from across the disciplines – from halter to all-around and roping to racing.

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