Team Wrangler

Team Wrangler includes 24 professional horsemen who promote Wrangler and AQHA.


Meet the 2015 AQHA Team Wrangler team:


Pictured above (left to right), top row: Teddy Johnson, Gary Roberts, Tyson Furlong, Rob Meneely, C.R. Bradley, Josh Little, Keith Miller Jr., Marty Simper, Jody Ramer, Randy Jacobs, Rick Leek, Brent Tincher; bottom row: J.D. Yates, Bonnie Minor, Jillian Bergstresser, Bobby Lewis, Whitney Lagace, Genevieve Miller, G.R. Carter Jr. Not pictured: Tommy Brian Buckner, Michael Joiner, Cody Jensen, Jessica A. Johnson and Teresa Kackert.

As a joint effort between Wrangler and AQHA, Team Wrangler promotes educational outreach for the horse industry. And the 2015 team is as versatile as the American Quarter Horse, comprising top AQHA Professional Horsemen and - women from across the disciplines – from halter to all-around and roping to racing.

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