The Bold and Beautiful: Trailblazing Women of the American Quarter Horse

Discover the 12 women from the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame who were leaders in the American Quarter Horse industry.

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The Bold and the Beautiful: Trailblazing Women of the American Quarter Horse” was a previous exhibit that featured twelve women who made a tremendous impact on the American Quarter Horse – as an association and a breed.  Some were breeders, some were owners and competitors, and others were chroniclers and artists who recorded not only history but life at the time.  All were leaders and visionaries, and each left their mark on the American Quarter Horse.  Their efforts opened the doors to others and made it possible for the lifestyle to exist in the industry.

The women included in the exhibit were by no means the only trailblazers.  There are many unsung heroes whose dreams and sacrifices created the American Quarter Horse of today. Sharon Ralls Lemon, an American author, said:

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire.”

Her quote defines the focus of “The Bold and the Beautiful: Trailblazing Women of the American Quarter Horse” exhibit.  These visionary women embody the elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire.

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angle-left Anne Marion

Anne Marion

Anne's civic and cultural activities extend throughout the United States, but her deepest commitment is to the continuing success of her family's historic ranch.

For a ranch and family that has been around since the open-range days in Texas, Anne Marion and the 6666 Ranches are still in the forefront of the industry.

The only child of Anne Burnett Tandy, “Little Anne” was raised in Fort Worth to be a strong businesswoman who appreciated the arts and loved the ranch that would someday be hers.  Anne spent her summers on the 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, established in 1870 by her great-grandfather Samuel “Burk” Burnett.  At a young age, she earned the respect of the cowboys as she learned to ride horses and do the things they did.  Her strong will and determination have made her a fine leader, both in the ranching industry and the business world.

A group of horsemen discussed the idea of forming an association for Steel Dust and Billy horses in her parents, Miss Anne and husband James G. Hall’s, home in Fort Worth in the early 1940s.  The following day, the horsemen formed the American Quarter Horse Association.  Anne’s father, Jim Hall, was the Association’s first treasurer.  When her mother, Miss Anne, died in 1980, Anne took the reins of the vast Burnett ranches.  She also inherited a legacy linked to the American Quarter Horse Association.

Anne inherited four ranches spanning 275,000 acres in West Texas and serves as the president of the entity known as Burnett Ranches.  Not since Captain Burnett founded and built the 6666 ranch more than a century ago has any family member taken as much interest in the ranches as she, according to former, long-time ranch manager, the late J.J. Gibson.

“She always respected my judgment, but she had her own ideas, too,” Gibson said.  “She is a real hands-on type.  The love of the land is in her blood.”

Veterinarian and 6666s Horse Division manager Dr. Glenn Blodgett agrees, saying, “Anne is a very capable leader who looks to the future and has changed with the times.  She surrounds herself with loyal, dedicated employees who share her vision for perfection.   Anne has overseen and directed the ranching and horse operation to a new level in recent years.  I look for more of the same management style in the future.”

In 1993, Anne brought racing back to the 6666’s by purchasing racing champion Dash For Cash and by securing Special Effort and Streakin Six for stud duty.  The ranch was expanded to include a deluxe “mare hotel,” a facility that houses 160 visiting broodmares.

AQHA honored the 6666 Ranch, also called the Burnett Ranches, with the Best Remuda Award in 1994.  For 50 consecutive years of breeding Quarter Horses, the Association also bestowed the inaugural Legacy Award on the ranch in 1997.  Anne donated the life-size bronze of Dash For Cash to The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in 1995.

“The most important thing that ever happened to me was growing up on that ranch,” Anne said.  “It kept my feet on the ground more than anything else.”  While her civic and cultural activities extend throughout Texas and the United States, her deepest commitment is to her birthright and the continuing success of the historic 6666 Ranch.

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