USRider, the official roadside assistance provider of AQHA.

A man and a woman holding a baby stand beside a road while a truck and trailer gets hooked up to a two truck.

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USRider is the premier equestrian roadside assistance program in the industry, with a membership program that includes roadside assistance coverage in any vehicle in which the USRider member is traveling, as well as coverage for horse trailers, whether horses are on board or not.

Two levels of USRider membership are offered to meet the needs of all horse enthusiasts, owners, competitors and business people. USRider members enjoy peace of mind with services such as:

  • Up to 100 miles of FREE towing
  • Emergency stabling assistance
  • Emergency veterinarian referrals
  • Emergency farrier referrals
  • Coverage in any vehicle
  • Service on dual-wheeled vehicles and horse trailers
  • And more!

Additionally, USRider membership provides an extensive package of discounts on equine-related goods and services, regular equine travel and safety information, and insurance products to fit all USRider members’ needs.

With over 20 years’ experience providing roadside assistance to horse owners, the USRider Equestrian Motor Plan is truly in a class by itself. For an annual fee comparable to that of typical motor plans, USRider members will enjoy exclusive services created specifically for equestrians. Typical motor plans can leave you stranded if you are towing a trailer – especially a loaded horse trailer. With two levels of membership available, choose the coverage that best suits your traveling needs. Plus, your coverage will extend to any vehicle you are driving, whether you are towing a horse trailer or not! Learn more at