The American Quarter Horse Foundation and AQHA are committed to the development of young adults and their continuous involvement in the equine industry.

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The American Quarter Horse Foundation and American Quarter Horse Association are pleased to partner together to advance the development of young adults and their continuous involvement in the equine industry. The AQHLead program is designed for young adults, ages 21-35, to help support their development as young leaders in the equine industry. 

AQHLead travel grants may be awarded annually to participants to offset the cost of travel and participation. Grant recipients kick off their participation in the program each year at the AQHA Convention. 

During the program, participants will attend leadership-focused webinars to provide additional insights into AQHA and the industry. They will also have the opportunity to partner with a mentor from the American Quarter Horse industry to learn about their mentor's leadership activities in service to AQHA and the equine industry, and benefit from gaining more insight into their roles in impacting the industry. 

Selected young adults will be able to apply for one of five additional travel grants of $1,800 each to attend a major industry event or place of interest. AQHLead is supported by a grant from the Dogwood Foundation. 


Click here to apply for AQHLead by December 31, 2023. 

For questions regarding the program, please email