AQHA Leveling Program

AQHA leveling groups horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and points earned.

Jack Medows and Surprizintheprincess, youth performance halter world champions

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The AQHA leveling program aims to level the playing field, with the overall goal of inviting more people to start showing their American Quarter Horses and strengthen the showing market. 

Levels are formulated from an objective handicapping system that assigns exhibitors and horses to competition levels. That handicapping system is based on real data from AQHA shows. Level eligibility is based on points and awards earned. Level point ranges are designed to group horses and riders with peers of similar experience and point earnings.

How Leveling Works
Classes are leveled according to exhibitor and horse records, based on both points and awards earned.

  • Leveled by exhibitor record: youth, amateur, Select amateur, halter and cattle classes
  • Leveled by horse record: open division classes (excluding halter and cattle events)
  • Additional information regarding Level 2 World Show criteria is available in the World Show Competitors Resources

Download the Leveling Made Easy brochure.

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