At Zoetis, we’re dedicated to giving the best to the Quarter Horses in our lives. We’re proud to be an Official American Quarter Horse Association Equine Health Care Partner.

Building on more than 65 years of experience in animal health, Zoetis discovers, develops and manufactures medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, as well as biodevices, genetic tests and a range of services. We are committed to working together with horse owners, veterinarians and equine professionals to help improve horse health and wellness, every day. 


Disease prevention is a key part of horse health. The trusted INNOVATOR vaccine line from us at Zoetis helps ensure your horse’s health is best-in-class. 


  • CORE EQ INNOVATOR — the first and only vaccine to help protect against all potentially fatal core equine diseases in one injection

All horses are exposed to the threats that cause West Nile virus, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus and rabies. Help provide the protection your horse needs by vaccinating with CORE EQ INNOVATOR each spring.

Respiratory diseases, such as influenza and herpesvirus, were leading causes of death in horses in 2015.1,2 If your horse travels or lives with horses who do, ensure they are protected. Trust FLUVAC INNOVATOR® to help provide your horse with protection against key equine influenza virus strains as well as equine herpesvirus (EHV 1 and EHV 4).

Zoetis confidently stands behind its vaccines with the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee (ISG).When horses are vaccinated by a veterinarian with CORE EQ INNOVATOR, FLUVAC INNOVATOR and/or WEST NILE-INNOVATOR® vaccines, under the Equine Immunization Support Guarantee, Zoetis may help determine the cause of illness should your horse become sick and may help cover treatment costs.*



Zoetis provides a comprehensive deworming portfolio to meet your Quarter Horse’s individualized deworming needs, including: 

  • QUEST® Gel is the only FDA-approved dewormer that treats and controls encysted small strongyles, bots and roundworms in a single dose. 

  • QUEST® PLUS Gel contains an additional active ingredient — praziquantel — for efficacy against tapeworms. 
    • The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) recommends treating for encysted small strongyles and tapeworms in the fall.3
    • Moxidectin, the active ingredient exclusive to QUEST® Gel and QUEST® PLUS Gel, is the treatment of choice for small strongyles according to the AAEP.3

  • STRONGID® Paste safely removes and controls internal parasites in horses and ponies, including breeding and nursing mares as well as young foals. 

  • ANTHELCIDE® EQ Paste safely and effectively removes and controls various internal parasites, including large strongyles, small strongyles, large roundworms, pinworms and threadworms. 



Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasites.

Do not use QUEST Gel or QUEST PLUS Gel in foals less than 6 months of age or in sick, debilitated and underweight horses. Do not use in other animal species, as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs, may result.

* Please see the Zoetis Equine Immunization Support Guarantee certificate for complete details and requirements. 
1 USDA APHIS Veterinary Services. Equine mortality in the United States, 2015. Published February 2017. Accessed September 5, 2019.
2 USDA APHIS National Animal Health Monitoring System. Baseline reference of equine health and management in the United States, 2015. Published December 2016. Accessed September 5, 2019.
3 American Association of Equine Practitioners Parasite Control Guidelines, Revised 2019. Accessed September 5, 2019. All trademarks are the property of Zoetis Services LLC or a related company or a licensor unless otherwise noted. 
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