How to File a Stallion Breeding Report Online

How to File a Stallion Breeding Report Online

Follow step-by-step and learn how to file submit an online AQHA stallion breeding report.

sorrel stallion running (photo by Bee Silva)

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Stallion owners know filing a stallion breeding report is an important part of the registration process. Stallion breeding reports are due November 30. Filing a stallion breeding report online makes the process convenient.


On, in the top right corner, click Members. Then sign in.

Note: You will need to allow account access to link your membership ID number to your online account. Do this in Edit Customer Profile before starting your report, or learn step-by-step how to edit your profile.


After you are logged into the Members area, also known as AQHA Services:

  1. Find the Ownership section located on the right side page.

  2. Click the Stallion Breeding Reports link.


Items needed:

  • Stallion’s full registered name/registration number.

  • Calendar of breeding dates and methods.

  • Mares’ full registered names.

Once the page loads, you’ll see the main Stallion Breeding Report screen.

  1. Select Add New Stallion Breeding Report.

  2. Select the breeding year the report is for.

  3. Enter the stallion’s registration number.

    • Can also research by name by selecting magnifying glass.

    • Locate name in the grid, then select by clicking the index finger icon.

    • Once selected, the horse’s full name populates to the right of the search option.

  1. Enter the Breeding Location (where the stallion is standing).

    • Select Add to enter the location.

  2. Enter the dates the stallion was standing. (Not necessarily the same as exposure/breeding.)

    • Dates must be within the same calendar year.

  1. Enter the ranch, farm or stable where the stallion is standing. (All fields with asterisks are required.)

    • Click the plus sign to expand.

    • Standing location examples: backyard, home, ranch name, etc.

    • Address of Breeding Location.

    • Add additional addresses if the stallion stood at any other locations.

    • Select the pencil icon to modify selected information.

    • If location needs to be removed, click the check mark to the left of date to select the location, then click Remove.


For Mare Breeding Detail:

  1. Click the plus sign to expand.
  2. Click Add to enter a mare.
  3. Enter the mare’s registration number.
    • Alternatively, you can look up a mare by selecting the magnifying glass icon to research name.
  4. Enter exposure beginning and ending date.

    • If only one day, enter same date in both required fields.

  5. Enter exposure/breeding method.

  6. If embryo, enter ET or Frozen – whichever applies.

    • Enter Add if only one mare.

    • Or Apply and Add to add additional mares.

    • Once all mares have been entered, last entry is entered with Add.

  1. Option to save for future edits before submitting.


Add to cart to check out and submit.

  1. The summary is provided of total charges and individual line charges.

    • You have the option to remove individual line items.

    • Warning: Removing the stallion will remove the associated mares, as well.

  2. If charges read correct, you may proceed to check out.

  3. If a default payment method is available, it will show as an option to Pay By Card.

    • If no credit card is stored, you have the option to add payment method, or
    • If need to add a different credit card, you may do so.

5. Confirmation is provided after checkout occurs.

Other Methods to Submit Stallion Breeding Report

You may also print and submit a stallion breeding report: Download form here.


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For Overnight Deliveries:
American Quarter Horse Association
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Fax: 806-349-6411

If AQHA can provide further assistance, please contact the AQHA Member Experience team at 806-376-4811 and ask to speak with the Stallion Breeding Report Department or use the Stallion Breeding Report inquiries form at