QData Expands Roping Reporting in Earnings

QData Expands Roping Reporting in Earnings

Roping is now listed as a separate earnings line item in the summaries of QData sire reports and on QStallions.

JD Yates heeling for Trey Yates AQHA world show

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QData is excited to announce that earnings from roping events are now listed as a separate line and pie-chart item on QStallions and on the QData Online Sire Reports. This enhancement comes in response to the significant growth in roping payouts being reported to the QData database, with more than $15 million in roping earnings recorded in 2023. This number is projected to increase further in 2024, underscoring the sport's rising prominence in the Quarter Horse breeding world and the increased demand for detailed, specialized reporting.

Roping enthusiasts, breeders and industry professionals can also access comprehensive data through the QData Leaderboards, which provide an in-depth view of roping events. The Leaderboards feature the top 50 leading sires, dams, money earners and more, in all roping categories as well as in each roping discipline. This offers invaluable insights and highlights the top performers in the industry.

"Our decision to break out roping earnings reflects the increasing demand for detailed horse performance data in the sport," said Robin Glenn, AQHA Director of data services. "We are committed to providing the most accurate and comprehensive information to our users, helping them make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive world of equine sports as it relates to the breeding industry."

QData's enhanced reporting on its Online Data Reports, QStallions and Leaderboards is designed to support the industry by offering easy access to data that empowers horse owners with the information necessary for successful marketing, evaluation and breeding decisions.

For more information, visit www.robinglennpedigrees.com.

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