Ford Youth World Ownership Policies

During this challenging time we are facing s an association, AQHA's goal is to provide our membership with the most accurate information.

Each World Show Handbook will be made available as soon as the Show Department Staff updates the policy information regarding qualification and eligibility requirements for 2020. Although qualifying has been waived for the 2020 world championship shows, the following ownership policies remain in effect. Check back in the coming weeks for the completed handbooks.


  • Ownership and eligibility requirements for all Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show participants will be according to the rules listed in the current 2020 AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations
  • Ownership requirements must be met by June 29 of the year of the show (all transfers completed in the AQHA office and recorded by that date).
  • The horse's owner must be a current member at the time of entry as well as time of the show.
  • Ownership requirements are as follows:
    • Ownership designated as of June 29 must remain in that ownership through the last day of the show.
    • If a horse is owned by a parent or legal guardian whose last name is not the same as the youth exhibitor, the relationship must be documented prior to AQHA accepting the entry.
    • If a lessee is eligible on a horse and intends to exhibitor that horse at the Ford Youth World, a showing lease must be in effect and on file with AQHA at the time the lessee (a) enters the horse into the Ford Youth World, and (b) exhibits the horse at the Ford Youth World. Should a showing lease expire prior to the above times, a new showing lease will be required.
    • The transfer of ownership of a horse to a non-family youth for participation in the Ford Youth World and subsequent transfer back to (a) the previous owner, (b) a joint ID of the previous owner, (c) an "immediate family" (SHW220.1) member of the previous owner, or (d) an entity owned in whole or in part by the previous owner for an entry in the Adequan Select World Championship Show and/or Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show held in the same calendar year is prohibited and will disqualify the horse from entry in that year's Adequan Select World and/or Lucas Oil World.
    • Further, horses cannot be transferred out of an ownership and then be shown in a different breed organization's championship and/or world show and then transferred back into (a) the original owner's name; (b) a joint ID of the original owner; (c) an "immediate family" member of the original owner, or (d) an entity owned in whole or in part by the original owner so as to be shown at the Lucas Oil World in the same year.
    • An otherwise eligible entry for the Adequan Select World or the Lucas Oil World will automatically be revoked if:
      • Ownership of the horse is transferred to a youth or other person not having a family relationship with the transfer or as specified in the 2020 AQHA Official Handbook.
      • The horse is exhibited at the Ford Youth World occurring in the same calendar year as the Adequan Select World or Lucas Oil World; and
      • The horse is transferred back to the former owner for entry in the Adequan Select World or Lucas Oil World, points will not be revoked from the horse's permanent record.