#MyRootsRunDeep: Heidi’s Story

Heidi Davis' roots run deep because without horses, she has no idea what she would be doing.

The American Quarter Horse Youth Association

Heidi Davis and her American Quarter Horse, Rusty.

I’ve been riding since I was about 10. Now I am 16, and I can truly say #MyRootsRunDeep. My grandfather owned American Quarter Horses, and one summer, I was determined that my mission for the summer was to learn to ride. Shortly after, I wanted a horse of my very own.

It took some convincing, but soon I was the proud new owner of an American Quarter Horse. “Maggie,” as I called her, was my very first horse. Little did I know, I would only have seven short wonderful months with her. She ended up getting Potomac horse fever and passed away. For the next couple of months, I quit riding, but I loved the sport so much I came back. I joined 4-H and started looking for my show horse.

I ended up bringing home an old ranch horse named “Rusty.” My grandfather became my trainer and my biggest fan. At first, it was a fight to do everything with Rusty, but he got better. He ended up becoming a very good family and walk-jog show horse. I came to realize he needed someone with more experience, so my grandfather took him on as his show horse. After Rusty, I think I finally found the horse that I hope to have for a long time. She is a 5-year-old American Quarter Horse.

I have now owned “Lacey” for seven months, and things are going great. She is a fast learner, but more importantly, she wants to try for me. Without horses, I have no idea what I would be doing right now. They have helped me throughout the last year when my parents split up. Horses gave me the stability I needed to keep going.

Now with this coming show season, I hope to have Lacey all trained and ready to go. Looking back at my six years of riding, I have learned a lot from these horses. From Maggie, I learned that it was important to have good equitation. From Rusty, I learned to never let a horse get away with anything, or else he will try it again and again. From the short time I have had Lacey, she has taught me that as long as you have a bond with your horse, the possibilities are endless.