Why You Need to Thank Your Childhood Riding Instructor

Thank your childhood trainer, not only for teaching you how to ride horses, but for helping mold you into the person you are today.

America’s Horse Daily—The AQHA Intern Experience

Amber Hammes, Spring 2016 AQHA Marketing and Publicity intern, lists 10 reasons why we all need to thank our childhood riding instructors.

At AQHA, we know how special the bond between horse and rider is, but sometimes we forget how important people are to our horse lives! Horse trainers are a special breed of people whom we learn to love, dread, but mostly appreciate.

Our horse trainers aren’t just there to teach us how to sit properly or keep our elbows tucked in while atop our magnificent steeds. They also teach us about life, learning and leadership.

Take a moment to reminisce with us as we go over 10 reasons we all need to thank our childhood trainers.

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