Reach Out to Inspire Blog Winner

AQHYA member Emily Ambrose reaches out to inspire others by sharing her inspiration in the equine industry.

Emily is a proud AQHYA member that has been inspired by so many horsemen in the industry that she simply could not pick one person, so she credits the AQHA community as a whole.

When you walk into a hospital, your mind is bombarded with an overwhelming amount of people: there are patients, families, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physician's assistants and so many more. This vast community of people comes together for the sole purpose of improving one's health to support a fulfilling lifetime.
When I walk into the show arena, I see the same type of community, but this is composed of trainers, exhibitors, ring stewards, judges, show staff, families, parents and the list goes on. All these people I witness at horse shows, the barn or any horse related event are all gathered for the single purpose of maintaining the health of their mind that horses strengthen.
My experience in the community of the American Quarter Horse Association would best be described as unmatched.  In the 14 years prior to my involvement, I had never encountered the passion I witness every moment I am around by the members of AQHA. Therefore, it would be simply nonsensical if I sat down and wrote this essay about just one, single person out of this massive industry that inspires me.

Thus, after careful thought, my mind kept bringing me to one conclusion of who truly inspires me in this establishment. First I thought of all the trainers, including my own, but I knew there was something beyond that. I considered further, looking up to the current leaders of the Association. While I am inspired by their leadership, I still felt a sense of dissatisfaction, like that was not quite the source of my passion. Again and again I kept thinking, digging, considering, until, all of a sudden, I thought of it.

On a typical night in March of 1940, a group of ranchers sat down to discuss how they would sustain their beloved breed of horse, the American Quarter Horse.  From that day in 1940, the largest breed organization in the world was born, developed and cherished.  They loved these horses for their talent, personality and versatility, all qualities that owners are familiar with today.
Because of the ranchers' love for the breed, they developed an association that changes the lives of members because of the relationships it produces. AQHA is a family built upon a network of professional horsemen and -women, leaders, youth, amateurs, and parents who care for one another. You can feel the sense of connection and compassion at any AQHA event, like you would at a family reunion.
Thus, I look to our founders, our roots, our beginning, as a source of motivation for the dreams I hope to achieve. Without them, my dreams would not be thought. Without them, my horse family would be nonexistent. Without them, the number one support group in my life, the quarter horse industry, would not be a part of my life.
Without AQHA, I would not be the strong leader I have become. I can't imagine I would be the rider I am today without the trainers and professionals who guide me, along with thousands of others, to improve our skill at this sport.
This community – one so similar to ones of the non-horse world – such as in hospitals is one unlike any other. I am inspired by every member, trainer and leader; however, the source of my inspiration comes from the source of these people, this community, including the ranchers who fell in love with this breed and didn't rest until it was loved by the rest of America.
I will never stop loving the breed that nurtured me, and I will never stop idolizing the horsemen who gave me the opportunity to be involved in something as extraordinary as AQHA.