YHD Behind the Scenes - Leah Brooks & Kayos

Leah and her colt, Kayos, are competing in the 2017 Young Horse Development Program.

Mr. Corder donated a gorgeous roan colt to Leah, who she named Kayos and fell in love with instantly. Photo credit: Leah Brooks.

We picked up my weanling, Kayos, on October 31, 2016 from my Ranching Heritage breeder, Mr. Corder. The funny thing is, we picked him up on Halloween and I didn't realize that until close to a month and half to two months later. Had I realized sooner, I would've loved to name him something related to Halloween.

The moment that Mr. Corder's groom walked Kayos into the barn, I instantly fell in love! He was stunning and such a beautiful mover. He had only been handled enough to get a halter and lead on, then turned out with the lead rope on in a pen. He was trotting the whole time the groom was bringing him up. I honestly can't put into words how amazing that day was!

My family and I also brought a gift for Mr. Corder, it was the least we could do since he donated this amazing colt to me. I made him a card and my mother cooked him homemade crockpot lasagna. We also prepared a gift basket full of assorted horse health goodies and included a couple items for his cattle. Mr. Corder was so shocked to see we brought him a gift, so I was really glad we did!