YHD Behind the Scenes - Sarah Schwieterman & Shiloh

Sarah and her filly, Shiloh, are competing in the 2017 Young Horse Development Program.

Sarah may not have come from an equine family, but Shiloh has helped change that.

Hello! My name is Sarah Schwieterman and I come from a small farming town in Indiana, right on the border of Ohio. I did not grow up in an equine family, but my Grandma got my sister a horse when I was young and I have been riding since!

The filly I graciously received from Emerson Ranch in Nebraska is such a level minded horse. I plan on getting her halter ready, but will be using her as either a pleasure horse or ranch riding/cow horse in the long run. I cannot wait to see where she takes us!

I found the name Shiloh, meaning "the gift" and "quiet" and knew it was perfect. She handled her big move from the beautiful state of Nebraska like a champ, and has taught me more in the past weeks than I ever could have imagined.