YHD Behind the Scenes - Katelynn Arns & Moon

Katelynn and her colt, Moon, are participating in the 2017 Young Horse Development Program.

Katelynn and Moon spending quality time together as they look forward to their first horse show. Photo credit: Katelynn Arns.

This wild child is High Magic Moon (aka “Moon”), and his best friend is Jets American Spirit (aka “Goblin”). I was so excited to find out I was able to participate in the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program. When I went to pick the weanling, I got the choice between him and a beautiful bay gelding. I've always wanted a gray, and he was already turning. I knelt down on the ground, and he came over to try to eat my hair.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to name him after I picked him out. The name Moon came to me. My friends at school are called the Crimson Moon Wolf Pack because we're more family than friends, and since I want to raise registered American Quarter Horses, I decided to call my future ranch the Crimson Moon Ranch. Moon’s sire is Wises High Gear and his dam’s name is Wise Magic Lady and is linebred from Poco Bueno and Mr San Peppy. By the time I left the day I went to pick him up, he had a barn name and registered name in my mind.

On November 7, I had my third knee surgery. I had a loose ligament in my right knee, and they had to go into my thigh to take a tendon out, twist it and pull it over my knee; then did a lateral release and a nerve block. Two weeks later, I went and picked up Moon. He'd never had a halter on, never been led and had only been handled a handful of times. He responded so well after I started leading him. He backed like a champ and even side stepped for me. He never spooked over my full leg brace and was always aware I was injured.

I did not have my leg brace removed until late January/early February. I couldn't jog for several months, so trotting with Moon in-hand became a problem. We're still learning that step in our training. I've decided to do cutting on him when he's older. I've recovered from my knee surgery, so we've been working hard. Now that you know my story, here's some information about Moon!

I decided to keep him a stallion, since I am 18 and want to start a breeding program, and he's going to be my stallion. He's really quirky. He likes to shove his feed to the side and eat it by nosing some into the middle. He trots like he owns the world, head and tail high with a long step. He loves to give kisses. He touches his nose to your nose when you ask for a kiss. When we took him to the rodeo to promote the Young Horse Development Program, he gave all the kids kisses and paid more attention to them than he did me. His tail is brown until you see the middle, where it's a silvery gray. He's got a gray streak down his right cheek that I absolutely love. He doesn't really like treats, but he loves hay. This boy is special and weird, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He helped me through physical therapy and my surgery, and I helped him by giving him a friend.

We're looking forward to our first show. Hopefully if you keep an eye out for us long enough, you will see us winning a couple AQHA world and reserve world champion titles.