YHD Behind the Scenes - Samantha Pratt & Scarlet

Samantha is participating in the 2016-2017 Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program.

Samantha has been working hard with Scarlet and is excited about the progress they have made as a team. Photo credit: Samantha Pratt

Hello, My name is Samantha Pratt and I am currently participating in the Young Horse Development Program. 

My filly Scarlet and I have been partners for about three months now, and I am very excited to continue to our progress. Scarlet was given to me generously from Raymond Sutton Ranch in Gettysburg South Dakota.

When I started working with Scarlet in December she was very stubborn, but now I feel we have made a breakthrough. She is much more willing to learn, and a lot less defiant. Even though she has been difficult at times, she is a perfect partner for me.

Last month we got a lot of snow days, for living in the valley, so Scarlet and I spent a lot of time together in the barn. We developed a bond and she knows I am her person. She now can lunge, tie, be bathed, set-up, do haunch turns, let me pick up all of her feet, trot beside me, walk over poles, and much more! I love my little horse. I love learning from her sassiness, and I love when she snuggles up in my arms.

I also love to share Scarlet on Instagram and Facebook. My pages for Scarlet are both called RWS Scarlets Cutter, which is her pending registered name.

I am very proud to be a part of the YHDP and I feel it is a great program for youth to be involved in. I have already learned so much about training a young horse and the challenges and rewards that come with it.