YHD Behind the Scenes - Jacqueline Potwora & Ferris

Jacqueline and her colt, Ferris, are participating in the 2017 Young Horse Development Program.

Happy Birthday, Ferris! Photo credit: Jacqueline Potwora

Hi! My name is Jacqueline Potwora. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and I am a participant in the 2017 Young Horse Development Program.

Ferris (yes, like Bueller), my colt, and I have been working together since November. I was fortunate enough to get my lovely baby from Raymond Sutton Ranch in Gettysburg, South Dakota. I cannot thank Mr. and Mrs. Sutton enough for their generosity.

When I first met Baby Ferris, aka RWS Cuttin' Class, I was honestly so surprised to see how calm he was for having minimal human interactions! The only reason I named him after a mischievous high school boy is because that's what he was! He loved to nibble on me and then turn away to pretend like he was not doing anything at all. Luckily, after six months of introducing new concepts, working and bonding, he has now become a refined young gentleman! Our bond grows stronger each day.

On May 11, we celebrated Ferris's first birthday! It was quite fun, and he loved his birthday hat (which is a tradition that our family has done for many years). We made him a delicious carrot cake, but sadly he was not a fan. Fortunately, the other horses at the party liked it!

I am so very thankful to be a part of the 2017 YHD Program. The experience has been AMAZING. I love all the new ideas and lessons I am learning with raising a young horse!