Reach Out to You

This is your year to “REACH OUT!” The American Quarter Horse Youth Association is a place to get inspired and excited, to make an impact and grow as an individual and an Association. Your AQHYA officers and directors are ready to reach out to you!

The AQHYA officers and directors were posed with a question during their first meeting: What are your goals for this year and what areas do you wish to focus on? As everyone looked at each other, wondering who would speak up, words like outreach, mentoring and partnerships were mentioned. With the help of the AQHA marketing team, your 2017 AQHYA theme was chosen, “Reach Out.”

In years past, the theme has been, “Find Your Inner Rockstar” or “My Roots Run Deep.” These themes were primarily focused inward. This year, we want a new approach - to start with some self-reflection and then move toward reaching out to those around us.

We are here to "Reach Out!" Throughout 2017, we'll be focusing on four different areas of AQHYA outreach and involvement. Check out the four quarters below and find out how you can can get involved!

Quarter 1: Reach Out to Inspire

Quarter 2: Reach Out to Excite

Quarter 3: Reach Out to Impact

Quarter 4: Reach Out to Grow

As we kick off the year, challenge yourself to engage with the industry and create the change you want to see. As a member of AQHYA, you are the future of the Association. You have the power to Reach Out and show the world who you are.

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