Youth Officers and Directors

AQHYA officers and directors work to keep the future of AQHYA bright!

Become an AQHYA Officer or Director

Each year elections are held for the AQHYA officers and directors at the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar. If you would like to throw your hat into the race for a national officer or regional director position, download the Guide to Campaigning below.

Guide to Campaigning for AQHYA Officer or Director

Download the Guide to Campaigning for campaign tips and application materials.    


The 2016-17 AQHYA officer and director team.


2016-17 AQHYA Officers

  • President: Brock Murphy of Jackson, Missouri
  • Vice President: McKenzie Merritt, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Second Vice President: Ty Cornelius of Mount Pleasant, Arkansas
  • Executive Member: Clara Johnson of Indianola, Iowa
  • Executive Member: Jim Stors of Mompach, Luxembourg

2016-17 AQHYA Directors

  • Region 1 Director Anwyn Deeks of Snohomish, Washington
  • Region 4 Director Caleb Sturgeon of Beloit, Ohio
  • Region 4 Director Olivia Tordoff of Powell, Ohio
  • Region 5 Director Kylie Marie Good of East Berlin, Pennsylvania
  • Region 5 Director Austin Ralls of Catlett, Virginia
  • Region 5 Director Sloane Vogt of Berlin, Pennsylvania
  • Region 7 Director Shandiin Farrell of Mesa, Arizona
  • Region 7 Director Steven Paul Parker II, Cave Creek, Arizona
  • Region 8 Director Alan Hinds of Lawrence, Kansas
  • Region 8 Director Justis Marshall of Burlington, Colorado
  • Region 8 Director Meg Tebow, Piedmont, Oklahoma
  • Region 9 Director Emily Wasson, Madison, Mississippi
  • Region 10 Director Katelyn Womack, Barnesville, Georgia