Youth Racing Experience

AQHYA members experience the world of American Quarter Horse racing at the Bank of America Challenge Championships.

Youth Racing Experiences allow AQHYA members the opportunity to participate in the fast-paced world of American Quarter Horse racing from behind the starting gate to the finish line.

AQHYA Regional Racing Experiences

America's fastest athletes are featured in weekend events at racetracks around the country during Regional Racing Experiences for AQHYA Youth Affiliate members.

The AQHYA Regional Racing Experience is typically a one- to two-day event structured to introduce participants to the sport of American Quarter Horse racing. Participants get a behind-the-scenes look into the racing industry and meet the people who help the show go on everyday. AQHA state and provincial racing affiliates host these experiences so youth don't have to venture too far from home. Contact your AQHA Racing Affiliate to inquire about their next event.

Get involved in a racing experience in your area to learn more about
test barn • jock's room • tote • mutules • money room • track vet • chartwriters
clerk of scales • announcer • trainers • exercise riders • racing equipment
rules of racing • starting gate • photo finish • video production • paddock judge
identifier • stewards • track photographer • owners • outriders • training techniques


"It was really cool being able to work so closely with the trainers and the horses, who are really incredible athletes, during the Youth Racing Experience. The whole experience has been really great, and everybody has been so willing to teach you and help you out. They really want to see you succeed."
– Annise Montplaisir, South Dakota AQHYA member


AQHYA National Racing Experience

The AQHYA National Racing Experience is held in conjunction with the AQHA Bank of America Challenge Championship, October 26-29, 2016. This national event allows participants to build on the knowledge gained during a regional racing experience by working one-on-one with an experienced trainer at the three-day Challenge Championship event.

Applicants who are accepted for the national racing event are automatically entered into a competition with fellow participants for the chance to win $6,000 in award money—$3,000 is awarded to first place; $2,000 is awarded to second place; and $1,000 is awarded to third place. The winners are determined through evaluation of each participant's workbook, quiz and test scores from throughout the educational experience.

Youth must be 16 years old at the time of the national event to apply. Racing affiliates may send one youth from their regional racing experience by submitting the participant's name and application to AQHA by September 1. Youth may also apply to be an at-large participant by submitting their application to AQHA by September 1. Ten participants will be chosen from the pool applicants to receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Bank of America Challenge Championships. All applicants must be members of AQHYA.

Application for the AQHYA National Racing Experience

For more information please contact Youth Department at 806-376-4811.